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The Literary Titan Book Award 2024

The Literary Titan Book Award 2024
The Literary Titan Book Award recognizes children’s books that mesmerize audiences with incredible narratives, vibrant illustrations, charming characters, and fresh ideas. Offering well-earned accolades, we salute the imagination and exceptional skill of authors who create tales that spark curiosity and delight in young minds.

International Book Awards Finalist

The International Book Awards Finalist 2024 - Children's Picture Book: Hardcover Fiction
The International Book Awards (IBA) is one of the world’s largest international book award programs for mainstream, indie, and self-published titles presented by American Book Fest.

The Editor’s Choice Award of Literary Excellence 2024

The Editor’s Choice Award of Literary Excellence 2024
The Editor’s Choice Award of Literary Excellence is presented to Marc Polett and a select group of exceptional authors by Reader’s House Magazine.



“In Polett’s rhyming picture book, a young girl explores the outdoors on a bright summer day and makes friends with a group of animals. This simple, idyllic picture book is a good option for storytimes for preschoolers and kindergartens, with its easy rhyme scheme and Baev’s bright, colorful illustrations depicting Lily and the animals playing. A precious tale with simple rhymes best suited for emerging readers.” — Kirkus Review

"Memorable, heartfelt, and engaging.... a must-read children’s book that is not to be missed." — Author Anthony Avina's Blog

"Polett’s lyrical storytelling weaves a narrative that beckons readers to join Lily on her playful escapades—he employs a rhythmic structure with a sing-song quality, creating a playful and musical cadence that engages young readers. The story unfolds through delightful rhythmic verses and vivid imagery, capturing the whimsy and innocence of childhood exploration. From dancing under the sun’s warm embrace to forging deep connections with Benny the rabbit, Nutty the squirrel, and Rusty the dog, Lily’s journey is a testament to the joy of discovery and the magic of friendship." — The Children's Book Review

"Beautiful story and captivating illustrations." — Comfy Chair Books

"The story’s seamless blend of visual artistry and lyrical storytelling makes it a delightful read for individuals of all ages. For those who cherish the companionship of animals, the allure of friendship, and the beauty of the great outdoors, this book is a heartwarming journey back to the essence of joy."  — Literary Titan

"...a delightful picture book about four friends and their time in the park. The visuals and character designs reflect the cheerful mood with its bold, bright, and Disney-esque designs." — Chick Who Reads Everything

"Vibrant pictures, adorable characters, and a whimsical, fun plot are just some of the ingredients for this charming children’s book. Children and adults will delight in reading it over and over again." — Captive Dreams Window

“It was a really sweet and lovely book, I think a lot of young children are going to just adore reading and listening and looking at this book.” — apapergirlapapertown

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